Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Need for speed 2 se free download:


In 1997 he launched the game Need for Speed 2 SE, sequel to The Need for Speed2. The game featured nthe most rare of the moment. Among them was the Ford Indigo.  because there was in places like Asia, Europe, North America and Australia He features as: three modes of play, single race, tournament and a new form Knockout. This method involved the removal of the player who was in last place, until only two, where you came from first won the race. Also the design of the track was more open, as it allowed the asphalt out of the car and go through shortcuts. The sounds of the engine and the horn was very realistic. Need for speed is car racing game which provide Best racing experience.  


Type: FZR2000(car)

Type: Pioneer(speed)

Type: Roadrage(horn)

go18 - School Bus
go19 - Pickup Truck
go20 - School Bus
go21 - Tractor Trailer
go22 - School Bus
go23 - Audi Quattro
go24 - School Bus
go25 - School Bus
go26 - Mercedes-Benz
go27 - Volkswagen Fastback
go28 - Mazda Miata
go29 - School Bus
go30 - School Bus
go31 - Mercedes Unimog Army Truck
go32 - School Bus
go33 - Mercedes Unimog Snow Truck
go34 - Monolithic Studios Tour Bus
go35 - Limousine
go36 - Mazda Miata
go37 - School Bus
go38 - School Bus
go39 - School Bus
go40 - Wooden Box
go41 - Hand Cart
go42 - Wooden Stand
go43 - Tyrannosaurus Rex
go44 - Wild West Style Wagon
go45 - Souvenir Stand 1
go46 - Souvenir Stand 2
go47 - Souvenir Stand 3
go48 - Log
go49 - Crate 1
go50 - Box of Beer
go51 - Block of Rock






Hard disk=Free upto 100mb

Graphics Card=16mb


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