Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cricket 2007 full version free download:

It is make by EA games(Electronic arts) .In this game you can also create your players with many skills like Batting skills,fielding skills and bowling skills

EA Cricket 2007 was released in UK in 2006 and the star of the game is Andrew Flintoff, London and Lancashire. It was received well in all around the world and people were really enjoying playing none other then the star Andrew Flintoff. 

 However in EA Cricket specifications there were a number of additions like a player can go into a limited over match or a four day first class match as well as full length test matches. The only problem which EA Cricket 2007 has is that they still have no tutorials which are a road block for the first timers. 

But they have these practice nets where the players can lay and they are given instructions like “the ideal line for a fast bowler is on or just outside the off stump” which is not that helpful. There is this new control stick which gives a completely different edge to the game, the player just has to choose one or two clicks to choose from the shots he wants to play of the coming ball. The music is also average of EA CRICKET 2007 but they have all the correct players name and it is a fun all to all game to play.

Cricket 2007 is based on real cricket which is played by every one i aslo like this game and i know you really  enjoy it.



Processor=500 mhz 0r higher


Hard Disk=Free upto 1.5gb

3D Card=64 mb


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